Uber Etiquette

Uber Etiquette: Your Ultimate Guide!

Uber has changed the way we travel, and if you live in a city where Uber is available there is every chance that you use the platform on a weekly or even a daily basis to get around. It’s a way for people to make money, effectively acting as cab drivers, and driving people around in return for the fee set by the Uber platform and app.

So what is Uber etiquette? What sort of things do you need to think about if you are going to get an Uber?

What is Uber Etiquette?

You can think of Uber etiquette as the sort of unwritten rules that everyone abides by, and the agreement we enter into about how we treat one another when getting an Uber. There are certain things you should do to show respect to your driver and for other passengers, too. Rideshare etiquette is something to think about if you opt for getting an Uber with strangers, something that can be done to save money.

Dos and Don’ts for Passengers

It’s not too complicated to get to grips with what is expected from you as a passenger, so don’t worry too much. Following a few simple rules will ensure that you don’t upset your driver.

Below are some of the basics of Uber etiquette.

Only Call an Uber When Ready

Uber drivers have better things to do than to wait around for you. Don’t order another drink at the bar and order an Uber at the same time, as you might not be ready when your driver is and it is rude to keep them waiting.

Don’t Eat or Drink

Unless you are specifically told that it is fine, don’t eat or drink in the Uber. If you’re on a long journey and it is a hot day then it might not be feasible not to drink anything at all, but if you really need something, ask your driver and make sure they don’t mind. Plus, drink water, as if this spills it isn’t going to stain or cause damage to the vehicle.

Clean Up

Don’t leave anything in the car. If you are reading a newspaper, take it with you. Imagine how many customers an Uber driver has in a day. If everyone made a mess and left it then every Uber vehicle would be a mess the whole time.

Cancel Quickly

Uber cancellation is not unusual, but if you wait to cancel then a couple of things might happen. You could be charged a fee, which varies by location. On top of this, your Uber driver might have already set off, which is incredibly frustrating for them. If you do need to cancel your request, do it as quickly as you can so that you don’t cause issues for you and your driver.

Leave a Review

The whole Uber system works best if there is a solid community, and leaving reviews is one of the best ways that you can help your fellow customers using Uber in the future. If you see an Uber driver offering you a lift and they don’t have good reviews, you can reject it. Remember that you are being reviewed as a customer too and this can impact upon whether or not someone gives you a ride.

Respect any Rules

There might be localized rules that you need to respect, on their end drivers have uber requirements and policies to follow. At the moment, there is every chance you will be expected to wear a mask while you ride, or to sit in the back of the vehicle and not ride shotgun with the driver next to you. Some drivers might want a window open to prevent spreading diseases. Always respect these rules and check if you’re not sure.

Uber Tipping Etiquette

On to one of the big questions that most people have before they get in an Uber. What are you supposed to do about tipping? Do you tip via the app or do Uber drivers expect you to give them cash?

Uber has a tipping function within the app, and the drivers get to keep 100% of this. For this reason, and to avoid any issues with cash being used, we strongly recommend that you tip via the app. Uber drivers know that most people do this, so they won’t be too disheartened at the end of your ride. Uber tipping doesn’t work like traditional cab driver tipping.

Once you have finished your ride then the Uber app will prompt you to leave a tip. So, how much should you leave?

We don’t know the exact average but some people suggest it is as high as almost 20%. Between 15 and 20% is a good amount to leave, if you feel the driver has deserved it and catered for all of your needs. It’s expected that a driver is polite and keeps you safe throughout. Assuming they do this, and you feel like they warrant a five-star review, they presumably deserve a tip, too.

Without some consideration for the drivers and for other users of ridesharing apps then things could very quickly become a lot less enjoyable, with messy cars and rude customers. Instead, the review platform, combined with the etiquette and tipping advice we’ve provided, means that everyone can enjoy the Uber platform without being rude or upsetting one another. A little respect for your driver goes a long way.