6 Devices for Rideshare Safety

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When you pick up a passenger, you never quite know what you’re going to get. You will most often find yourself with a quiet and polite kind. However, it’s the ones that fall into the loud and angry category that can be problematic. Especially when you’re out there driving by yourself!

For that reason, we’ve created a list of car safety devices that can be indispensable to your rideshare safety:

Phone Mount

This is a rideshare safety must-have. To be the most effective driver you can be, you need to keep your eyes on the road at all times. When you have a mount for your phone, you don’t have to look down at your lap for directions. A phone mount has also been known to increase ratings. Passengers care about safety too, and they will feel safer in a car that has a phone mount.

Dash Cam

A dashcam is a fantastic investment in safety. When you have one in your vehicle, it can help deter lousy passenger behavior. But that’s not all it can do for you. If you happen to be involved in an accident, the video recorder can be the best tool for you in case of claiming Uber Insurance in New York. It can also be used to watch over your car when left unattended. In short, a dashcam is the best insurance policy you can buy!

Illuminated Sign

Being visible is being safe. One of the many issues in the rideshare world is finding your passengers. This can be especially problematic if you’re working in a large area or a busy event. If you install an illuminated sign in your vehicle, your passengers will not only be able to find you much easier, it will also separate you from the pack. Also, it’s a helpful identifier for valet and parking attendants; they will recognize the sign and help you get on your way that much faster.

Emergency Kit

Peace of mind is essential, and when the worst happens, you want to be ready. Keeping an emergency kit on hand guarantees rideshare safety for you and your passengers.

  • First Aid Kit: In case of an accident, you can use it to provide basic first aid for a passenger or for yourself.
  • Safety Hammer / Bolt Cutter: If you find yourself stuck in the vehicle, you can use a safety hammer to break a window or a bolt cutter to free yourself from a safety belt.
  • Booster Pack: If your battery dies, and there is no one around to provide a jumpstart, you can get your car started on your own.
  • Multi-tool: A practical and efficient alternative to lugging around a large toolset.


This item is a versatile item that ensures Rideshare Safety. For example, if your vehicle needs a jump or a tire change at night, a flashlight will help light the way. They can also be used to signal other drivers for help. If you need to check the inside of your car for lost items, a flashlight can help you find things faster. Finally, if you’re in unfamiliar territory at night, you can use a flashlight to light up street signs.

Safety Partition

A partition promotes rideshare safety for both drivers and passengers alike. It’s possible to install a removable partition made of clear polycarbonate secured to your vehicle’s headrests. This acts as a protective shield that can help diminish the risk you take when driving.

As a rideshare entrepreneur, you might believe that all you need is a car, phone, and driving skills. While that’s true, it’s also important to be ready for the many different types of situations you can encounter while driving. We believe that implementing any one of these devices can provide you with the rideshare safety you need to succeed.

Are there any devices that you use or recommend? Let us know in the comments!