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Uber Driver Salary: How Much Uber Drivers Make in New York?

In just a few years in the ride-sharing service business, Uber has grown to be one of the driving forces in the relatively new industry.  Now, their presence is in 45 countries and more than 100 cities.  

In June 2014, the company was able to snag financing worth $1.2 billion.

So if you were planning to drive with Uber in New York, the next thing you might want to know is how much you can actually make. 

[Trivia: Casey Simpson made the most money out of a single fare totaling $1,381.56]

Average Uber Driver Salary

There is a very short answer to the question, “How much does a driver make driving with Uber?” says that the more you drive the more money you’ll make driving with them.  

Drivers will also automatically receive weekly fares deposited right into their bank account, and with an option for a quicker payment through Instant Pay, letting them transfer their current earnings anytime.

Some sources revealed that a driver could make $15.68/hour before deducting maintenance, depreciation, and gas.


Johana Bhuiyan, a BUZZFEED reporter took on the offer of Josh Mohrer,   New York’s UBER General Manager, who stated that he’d go on record with any reporter who would take 10 rides. Each should be taking into account how much the driver is making. Here’s what she discovered (based on 11 rides, each from a randomly selected driver, and 11 pay statements).

The average and combined hourly wage at that time were $31.61, working between 5.78 and 42.65 hours a week. 

Here’s the copy of aggregated driver payment information from BUZZFEED News. However, the net wages from the experiment did not include car insurance, wear and tear, and bridge tolls in the case of other drivers.

Uber Driver Salary NYC

Eighty percent of Uber partners are driving fewer than 35 hours/week while more than 50% is driving only between 1 and 15 hours/week, according to a national study.  

Even so, partners make a decent salary of at least $19/hour vs. only $12.90/hour for cab drivers, according to the Occupational Employment Statistics data, in the top 20 Uber markets.

But it could be higher, Uber says.  According to the giant ride-sharing company, drivers can make $25/hour with 1.3 rides per hour.

NYC drivers stand a chance at making a good income of about $20.54 an hour.   On the other hand, those who drive only a few hours per week can make between $25 and $35 weekly.

Based on another source, an UberX driver/partner that works for at least 40 hours averaged $43/hour/week in New York City (2015). 

But then, a more recent report noted that it is only closer to about $30/hour.

Full-Time Uber Driver Salary

Based on anonymous data submitted by driver-partners to Glassdoor, the average national salary in the USA is $30,000.

The full-time Uber driver salary must also calculate the ride’s hidden costs (or expenses) to figure out how much money does a full-time driver really make.  

A few of these expenses include car/lease payments, insurance, gas, license, vehicle maintenance, and permit fees.

How Uber Driver Salary Is Affected by Car Type and Driver Age?

The UberLUX is for drivers who want to level up in their earnings games. So if you can afford to own and drive a luxury vehicle, then you should go for this option.   

Certain reports noted that drivers for this category could earn around six figures. Undoubtedly, people will pay more to ride a nicer car.  Check here for Uber car requirements.

Harry Campbell that runs The Rideshare Guy Blog conducted a study and found out that younger drivers between 18-30 years old can also make money driving with Uber at $17.96  per hour, and that can be due to the hours that were worked especially if they’re willing to work late nights on weekends for example. 

Differences in Uber Driver Partner Salaries per State (Earning/Hour)

  1. San Francisco, CA & Bay Area: $23.17
  2. NYC & Jersey: $20.40
  3. Boston, MA: $18.85
  4. Seattle, WA: $18.65  
  5. Chicago, IL: $17.14
  6. Los Angeles (LA & Orange Counties): $16.93 
  7. Sacramento:  $16.79
  8. Pittsburgh, PA: $16.50  
  9. Portland, OR: $16.32
  10. Denver, CO: $15.89  

Hope you picked up important information on how much money can an Uber driver really make driving with the ride-sharing service company. 

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