A Guide to the Best Times to Drive for Uber

If you have a car, Uber offers an opportunity for a primary income or earning some money on the side. Maximizing your revenue requires figuring out the best times to drive for Uber. Here are some guidelines to point you in the right direction!

What Are the Best Days to Uber?

Although weekends should serve to rest, Saturday and Sunday are among the best times to drive for Uber. Customers might be going to other parts of the city that they don’t visit otherwise. Some clients might even plan a trip to the nearby tourist attractions, and long-distance Uber drives are a good chance to earn.

Apart from weekends, here are some other Uber busy times!

Large Events

Is there an annual festival in your city? Perhaps a music star has a big concert tonight? If there’s an event that will gather a large crowd, don’t hesitate to sit in your car. You’ll soon realize these are the best times to drive for Uber.

The math is simple – many clients will ask for a ride going to or from the event. This increased demand leads to Uber peak hours that pay more, which is another benefit of working during large events.

Airport Rides

Frequent fliers have surely had problems getting to the airport on time at least once. That’s especially true during the early hours. Not many drivers are available then, which is why these are the best times to driver for Uber. If your place is frequently visited by tourists, you can also wait at the airport and drive the visitors to the desired destinations.

Bad Weather

If you consider yourself an experienced driver, bad weather can be your chance to shine. Most people don’t want to risk driving their own car, so they ask for a ride. And while you can earn extra cash, not all bad weather conditions are the best times to drive for Uber. Make sure to perform a risk assessment before sitting behind the wheel. If the weather forecast feels too harsh, perhaps it’s better to sit that time out.

What Holidays Are Great for Driving Uber or Lyft?

Most holidays are Uber busy times and offer high odds of earning more than usual. If you don’t mind working on these days, here is when you can profit the most:

  • January 1st. It’s not pleasant to work on New Year’s Day, but it can be profitable. Whether they return from a party at a friend’s or go to a bar to watch sports, you’ll be there to drive them.
  • Valentine’s Day. Couples who want to go out and celebrate prefer someone riding them to the destination and back. You can earn a tip by playing some romantic music.
  • Halloween. Costume parties are the primary reason to drive Uber on Halloween. If you are driving before the sun sets, pay attention because many kids are on the streets trick-or-treating. 

What Are the Surge Hours for Uber?

Uber has a so-called surge pricing policy. If there’s an increased demand for the service at specific times, the price goes up, too. You can earn more if you are willing to drive during Uber peak hours.

That includes these times:

  • 7 AM – 9 AM
  • 5 PM – 7 PM
  • 8 PM – 5 AM on Friday and Saturday

Here are some other Uber busy times that you can use to make extra money!

When the Bars Close

Friday and Saturday nights are Uber peak hours because people dress up and hit bars and restaurants. Even those who don’t drink prefer someone driving them. However, the majority chooses rideshare service because they plan to consume alcohol. That means you need to keep an eye out to ensure everything goes smoothly. Don’t forget to check Uber driver safety tips since night driving carries some specific risks.

Early Mornings

We already mentioned potential rides to the airport and back. Early mornings from 7 AM to 9 AM are Uber busy times because of the working class. Apart from taking clients to their jobs, you might also drive them back home. If you can be online and you don’t mind intensive traffic, you can also consider driving an Uber from 5 PM to 7 PM.

Do Uber Drivers Get Paid More at Night?

Yes, the surge pricing applies by the company ensures that Uber drivers receive more for night driving. There aren’t many cars on the streets from 9 PM to Midnight, which you can use to your advantage. And if it’s the weekend, Uber peak hours extend all the way to 5 AM. That’s especially true in big cities with rich nightlife.

Best Times to Drive for Uber in New York City

It’s not only about times when there’s high demand. You also want to avoid rush hours in NYC, which makes the best time to drive an Uber from 4 AM to 9:30 AM. That timeframe will begin by picking up rides to the airport or returning people home from bars. At around 7 AM, working people will start asking for a ride. Finishing at around 8 AM will ensure you don’t get in a late-morning traffic rush.

How to Find Uber Peak Hours?

Uber peak hours can depend on many factors, including:

  • Location. A city with rich nightlife means that you should aim to drive from 8 PM to 5 AM. In other locations, you might have more work during the day.
  • Use the app to your advantage. Uber insights are available in your driver app. It allows you to identify hourly trends and adjust your preferences.
  • Check out the available promotions. The platform will often have active promotions, and those are times when you can earn more money.

Finally, what does your experience tell you? The more you drive, the better you’ll understand how Uber works. You can use that knowledge to tailor working hours to maximize your revenue!