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Guide to driving Lyft or Uber Halloween week

Halloween is a busy and exciting holiday. Trip requests tend to be really high, and driving Uber on Halloween can be a really fun experience if you know what you are doing. The best way to make this more enjoyable for yourself is to have a safe yet fun time, and know when you can drive to stay busy, and also maximize your income. There’s nothing wrong with wanting your Lyft or Uber Halloween rates to be as high as possible.

How to Maximize Earnings?

Maximize earnings by planning the best places to drive and maximize earnings. Of course, get the best uber insurance to keep your expenses relatively low. Also, picking the right times and areas is crucial and can lead to $100 per hour Uber Halloween rates in some places. 

Does Uber charge extra on holidays?

Many areas have Surge pricing. This means that the prices increase with demand.

When times are busy, surge pricing can kick in. As Uber explains: “In these cases of very high demand, prices may increase to help ensure that those who need a driver can get one.”

So, while there isn’t a specific guideline, it is likely that times will get busy and this could increase your earning potential on Halloween. 

Consider suburban areas

Another way to boost your income is to make the most of the suburbs. You will still get a decent level of demand on Halloween and other holidays but the traffic shouldn’t be as bad. Uber drivers and Lyft drivers are paid by the mile so this is one of the best tips for Uber on Halloween. 

Best times to drive

The busiest times to drive are likely to be in the evening. In 2021, Halloween falls on a weekend, and though it is on Sunday, both the Friday and Saturday nights are going to be some of the busiest times. 

With most holidays there is a lull between 9 and 10.30 pm while people are out enjoying their parties, but before and after you are likely to get a lot of business. A shift between 7 pm and as late as you can stomach is likely to mean the best income from the day.

Have a little fun

The tips you get might not make a huge difference, but it is always nice to be nice. Have some fun in the car with decorations and try to make the evening fun for people even while they are getting their ride there can be a way to boost your income.

Candy in the car

Similarly, Halloween is partially about candy. Having some on board is an easy way to get people on board and bring a smile to their face. In the modern age, individually wrapped candy is a better option than a bowl that people can all put their hands in, as we are all that little more safety conscious.

You don’t have to get candy in your car, but it is a relatively small investment and it might boost your tips and get you those extra five-star ratings. A good level of service is more important, but these little extras can go a long way.

Should you dress up?

Why not get into the spirit? It’s not going to make a huge difference to your income. You might get a few more tips, but it can definitely be a good way to get into the spirit and make people smile. If you’re a sociable driver and like to chat with your rides then this can be a conversation starter.

You can get some really simple and easy costumes which can help you to look cool without putting in a lot of time and effort. It’s the little touches.

Giant unwieldy costumes

A cautionary note about giant, unwieldy costumes, one of the few things that you need to be aware of in terms of additional dangers on Halloween when driving Uber or Lyft. Of course, if you are going to wear a costume yourself then you should not wear a huge and unwieldy costume that is going to impair your level of driving, this could impact insurance as well as your ability to drive.

If your guests have giant unwieldy costumes, it is worth asking them to remove parts if you can’t see them properly. For instance, a big costume might cause you to not be able to see properly out of the rear view mirror. You always need to put safety first in this scenario, and guests should appreciate you doing so!

Halloween can be a really fun time to drive for Uber or Lyft in the right circumstances. Pick a busy time and get into the spirit!