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Top Uber Driver Safety Tips – Stay Safe On The Road

Uber can provide flexible employment to people from many different backgrounds. If you live in a busy area and have a relatively modern and safe vehicle then being an Uber driver might be a good option. It can fit around other commitments. But, is Uber safe for drivers? A few simple Uber driver safety tips can help you to stay safe when you are on the road and on your shift, even while working on your own.

Is it safe to be a rideshare driver?

In general, safety for Uber drivers is very good. With any job where you are working on your own a lot of the time, there is some level of risk. However, the Uber driver safety policy can help to keep you secure. There are also some methods that you can use to add an extra level of security and give yourself some peace of mind.

How do Uber drivers stay safe? Safety tips

Safety precautions can be achieved with technology as well. There are multiple devices for rideshare safety. A dashcam to film everything that happens while you are driving means that you can keep evidence if there is a crash or if someone behaves irresponsibly. You can also mount cameras inside the car as a way to keep yourself safe.

The iWitness App is designed to work in conjunction with your phone and turn it into a security system while you are driving.

Safety precautions for Uber drivers

There are multiple methods that you can stay safe as a driver. Some of the best Uber driver safety tips include:

  • Use the feedback system. This is what it is there for. If something is not right or a ride doesn’t treat you with respect then you should leave them feedback. This can help to prevent the same thing from happening to others in the future.
  • Don’t share personal information. Uber and other rideshare apps are great for keeping you anonymous and protected, don’t share details.
  • Encourage passengers to sit in the back, and put a partition in the car if you need to, as this can give an extra level of security and prevent physical contact.
  • Make sure a loved one knows when you are out driving and check in with them, especially at night time. Solo workers don’t always have the protection of someone being with them.
  • Take regular breaks. This is one of the best Uber driver safety tips. You will need to take breaks to make sure that you are refreshed and driving to the best of your capabilities. If you are not going to take regular breaks you are putting yourself at risk. Nobody will be telling you to switch off, so make sure you take the initiative.
  • Drive-in areas you know rather than in new areas, as you may not know the risks associated with these new places. 

Uber Safety features for drivers

The Uber safety features for drivers include a clever system for sharing your location. When you call 911 from the Uber app, the app provides the trip details so you can share them with a dispatcher. In some states this happens automatically. This adds a level of safety and security and means that should anything happen you can share your location easily.

Other safety features for drivers include the anonymity provided by the app and the fact you can communicate easily without having to share any personal information.

Of course, the review system is a way for you to enjoy Uber safely, too. It means that people who have a history of bad reviews can be rejected, so you don’t have to take on rides that you don’t feel good about.

Night Driving Tips for Rideshare Drivers

Uber driver safety tips are especially important in the evening. It’s vital that you make sure you don’t take any risks. Night driving tips include:

  • Don’t go to areas you know to have high crime rates, especially late at night.
  • Take care and consider traffic rules when you are driving, as well as making pickups and dropoffs.
  • Remember that you can access support 24/7.
  • Trust your gut feeling and refuse to take a ride if something seems unsafe or if you have a bad feeling about a passenger, or they can’t verify their identity, don’t take any risks.

How important is insurance for your safety? 

Insurance means that if something goes wrong, you are covered. You wouldn’t drive around without insurance, and specific Uber Insurance is needed to ensure that you are covered at all times, as your standard car insurance is not likely to cover you the whole time, and Uber’s insurance only covers you while you have an active ride in your vehicle. You can purchase a specific insurance policy that covers driving for your work, and Uber and Lyft drivers should look into these policies.

Uber driver safety policy

Uber has its own Uber driver safety policy. This includes background checks for all of the drivers so that if there are concerns in a person’s past they may not be allowed to drive an Uber. This is something that protects the users of the services.

If you are looking to drive Uber then you will need to pass through their background check.

There are also safety features including Uber-maintained insurance. This means that while you are driving a passenger around you is insured if an accident happens. New additions to prevent the spread of disease include policies such as “no mask, no ride” so drivers can refuse a ride if they are not willing to wear a mask unless they are medically exempt.

Each ridesharing app or system has its own safety policy. Uber is one of the best for keeping drivers and passengers safe.


Ride-Sharing apps are a great way to make some extra income, and allow you to work weekends or evenings if you are free to bring in some money. For students, parents, and even those with unreliable workloads in another job, such as a self-employed position, having the option to switch on Uber and earn money is ideal. All you need is a car, a driving license, and your time. 

As you are responsible for your own safety when you are driving passengers around, it makes sense to protect yourself. Keep recordings of what is happening inside and outside the car, and have a plan in place for any passengers that you think aren’t sticking to the rules, or could provide a hazard. 


How safe are Lyft drivers?

Lyft drivers are continually monitored and if they have criminal convictions or convictions relating to driving, they are prevented from operating the service. Background checks are performed annually. All drivers are also put through a RAINN training course. RAINN is the largest anti-sexual violence organization in America.

Which one is safer? Uber vs Lyft 

This is a matter of debate and it varies depending on where you are in the world. Both Uber and Lyft have some excellent features to protect both drivers and passengers. Lyft’s continual monitoring of drivers for any criminal activity is an excellent safety feature for passengers.