how to maximize uber profit

How to Make Money with Uber

Driving an Uber takes dedication and effort, but you can end up making taking home decent money. The actual sum depends solely on you since you are an independent contractor. If your question is how to maximize Uber profit, this guide reveals everything you should know. Check out these expert tips to increase your revenue!

Ways to Boost Your Uber Earnings

Arriving on time and putting on a smile involve the basics of how to be an Uber driver. But if you want to make money driving Uber, you need to take your game to the next level, and here is how.

Use the Uber Passenger App

A specialized driver app is necessary, but there is an advantage to installing Uber software for passengers. The biggest benefit is seeing the position of nearby drivers. It can help you get an idea of the competition in the area, which might help find a rider sooner.

Here is an example – what if a big festival just finished in the city? You can check out the app to see which sides of the venue have the least drivers. The odds are it will take the least time to find a rider there.

Learn the Popular Destinations and Peak Times

If you are driving in a city where you grow up, you probably know it well. But what if you recently moved to the area? It can help to discover popular destinations as that helps make money driving Uber. If people from a particular neighborhood order Uber services often, that gives you good odds of landing a client quickly.

Another way how to maximize Uber profit is to work during peak times. The usual include hours when people go and come back from work, so from 7 AM to 9 AM or 4 PM to 7 PM. If you don’t mind working at night, Friday and Saturday evenings are a great opportunity. Many people that go out to clubs prefer calling an Uber to driving a car.

Know Your Local Event Schedules

If you want to know how to make money with Uber, check the event calendar in your city. Are tourists coming to your city for a festival? That’s an excellent chance to drive someone around the city. A big sports or music event also means many people will need an Uber in the same location. Although other Uber drivers will probably be there, the odds are there’ll be rides for everyone.

Drive Up the Surge Fares

The next way how to maximize Uber profit is to use surge fares to your advantage. The trick is in using most of this system. Let’s say that surge pricing starts at 9 PM in a particular area. You are aware of that, but you don’t want to go online before 9 PM exactly. 

That’s because the Uber app might increase the fare more if they see fewer drivers in the neighborhood. Additionally, this ensures you don’t get a ride at 8:59 PM and miss out on improved pricing.

Encourage Tips

Tips aren’t mandatory, and some riders won’t give them even if they have an excellent experience. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t encourage tips during the ride. 

The first lesson in how to maximize Uber profit is not to be too pushy. It’s why drivers often choose to add a tip sign.

Here is what you could add to it:

  • Mention that a high rating is welcome.
  • Add a section mentioning that tips aren’t mandatory, but you’ll appreciate them.
  • Remind the passenger that they need to fasten their seatbelts. 
  • If you have extra perks like a charger, inform the riders.

Think of the Rainy Days

Not many drivers are ready to head out if it’s raining. And while you need to be extra cautious, it’s a good way how to make money with Uber. Apart from the rain, you can also consider driving at night. It’s common that not many drivers are available at nighttime, so you can take advantage of that. Make sure to check Uber driver safety tips to minimize the risk of potential problems. 

Make the Most of Surge Periods

Uber has an algorithm that controls surge pricing. Once they detect a shift in driver availability and demand, the fare cost increases. It’s a good way how to make money with Uber, but it will take some adjustment. 

First, you need to discover the usual surge times in your location. Next, you should ensure you are available during those hours. It’s not always pleasant to be on the streets in rush hours, so try to make a fine balance when it’s smart to go online.

Consider Advertising While Driving

Uber launched the OOH advertising network that pays you extra to add a vehicle-topper to your car. The usual fee is $300 for installation and an additional $100 if you pass a certain number of miles. The customers’ comfort isn’t affected in any way, which makes this a good way how to maximize Uber profit.

Get Insured

Uber has an auto insurance policy available to all drivers. The company partnered with leading providers to ensure you and your drivers remain protected if a covered accident occurs. You should learn more about the details of the policy in your area. If you find it insufficient, don’t hesitate to get extra insurance on your own. You don’t want to risk huge losses over repairs and injuries that prevent you from working. Mitigating any risks is a huge part of maximizing your profit.

Maximizing Your Earnings Using Features on the Driver App

Uber aims to tailor the driver app to those who use it. The company added numerous features that help make money driving Uber. You’ll notice a driver destination filter in the upper-left corner of the screen. This option is only available twice daily, so use it wisely. It allows you to choose a suitable destination, which is usually a busy area where you’ll easily find the next ride.

Another way how to maximize Uber profit is the back-to-back ride option. If the demand is above average, you can accept the next ride during the current one. It ensures you don’t waste time waiting but continue driving immediately.