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How to Be a 5-Star Rideshare Driver?

Here’s all you need to know about getting and keeping a good Uber rating!

Offer a Smooth Ride

The first lesson in how to be a 5 star Uber driver is to ensure the ride goes smoothly. You should drive confidently and cautiously, so don’t change lanes or brake suddenly. If it’s your first ride, try to look calm because panic might make customers nervous, too.

Check out these tips on how to get a good Uber rating with a hassle-free ride:

  • Arrive on time and choose a suitable pick-up location. Not being late is the first thing a 5 star Uber driver should honor. Make sure it’s easy for the passenger to find you but also safe to enter the car.
  • Keep GPS on mute. Drivers in a small city probably know their way around. But in large cities, you need to use GPS. If this is a must, always keep it on mute to avoid annoying the passengers.
  • Ask the rider about the desired route. Perhaps the customer knows how to avoid that traffic jam. Maybe they want to make another stop, so they’d prefer an alternative route. You want to be efficient in taking them to the final destination, but also honor their wishes, so don’t hesitate to choose their preferred path.

Deliver a Pleasant Rider Experience

While transporting them from point A to B is primary, a big part of how to be a 5 star Uber driver is providing an optimal customer experience. The top priorities include safety and comfort.

Maintain the Latest COVID Measures

Uber requires riders to wear face masks during the tip. You also need to have a hand sanitizer and use antibacterial wipes to clean your car between rides. Make sure to honor any additional rules applicable in your area.

Adjust the Temperature

If it’s freezing outside, the customer will appreciate warming up in your vehicle. But if it’s too hot, some riders don’t appreciate it if you cool the car too much. Asking the customer if the temperature is suitable can be a way to get a good Uber rating.

Don’t Talk Over the Phone

A true emergency happens extremely rarely. Unless that’s the case, don’t answer the phone, especially if you connected it to speakers. A 5 star Uber driver would focus on playing some music instead. Make sure the tunes suit the rider’s preference.

Offer Some In-Car Extras

It’s those little things that will get you the extra rating, so think about these additions:

  • Have a charging cable around. If your rider’s battery is low, they will appreciate the opportunity to charge it.
  • Wet wipes and tissues. The passenger might spill their beverage, or another mishap could occur. Having a tissue around can be useful.
  • Masks and antibacterial gel. Some riders might forget their mask, so have some disposable ones in the car. It also helps to offer antibacterial gel or wipes to show you take cleanliness seriously.

Keep Polite and Respectful Conversations

It’s mandatory to put on a smile and keep a positive attitude. However, a good Uber rating doesn’t require talking at all costs. Furthermore, you should let the passenger speak first. If you see they want to talk, follow their lead. However, make sure to be polite and respectful. It’s best to avoid tricky topics like religion and politics.

Follow Traffic Laws and Speed Limits

Traffic laws and limits are there for a reason since they help to maintain everyone’s safety. As a driver, it’s your responsibility to honor any relevant regulations. Going over the speed limit or making illegal maneuvers is against Uber’s community guidelines.

Even if the rider is in a hurry, they don’t have the right to ask you to break the law. For most riders, this falls into the things to honor when they think of Uber etiquette. The majority will respect your effort to follow traffic laws and speed limits. If you come across a customer that doesn’t, politely mention that you can’t break the company’s guidelines.

Keep a Clean Car

A 5 star Uber driver should show they care about their vehicle. That includes cleaning it from the outside and the inside. A full foam wash is necessary every several weeks, depending on the weather.

For the inner vehicle space, make sure there’s no smoking in your car. That will prevent that terrible odor that some customers won’t appreciate. You can use an air freshener if necessary. Keep a brush in the glove compartment and wipe any dust from the console regularly. If you have persistent seat stains, the experts recommend a carpet cleaner.

Go the Extra Mile

This is a colloquial term for putting in extra effort to exceed the rider’s expectations. It doesn’t mean taking your passenger via a longer route to get more miles. If the rider sees you tried, it increases the odds of getting a good Uber rating.

Here are some tips to get a better customer score:

  • Carry the passenger’s luggage. Your passenger might be a female, or they could carry several bags. Don’t hesitate to help load and unload them from the vehicle.
  • Be patient to see if the passenger got the destination right. You did your part, but what if the customer has the wrong address? A 5 star Uber driver would never leave a passenger confused or helpless. Wait for them to confirm it’s the desired destination. If they prolong the route, you can only earn more.
  • Identify better drop-off locations. Are you familiar with the destination and know it’s difficult to approach? Perhaps your customer is a disabled person, and you believe there’s a better drop-off point for them. Either way, if you know a more suitable alternative, don’t hesitate to suggest it.