fleet insurance cost

How much does car fleet insurance cost?

You wouldn’t drive your personal car without insurance, and things are no different when you are insuring a fleet. In this guide, we explore the fleet insurance cost no matter whether you’re looking to insure three cars or thousands of cars in your business or transport fleet.

As well as exploring the average price of fleet insurance, we’ve looked into the ways in which you can reduce the cost and keep your fleet insurance at a minimal cost, without compromising the level of cover you have or putting yourself at any sort of risk.

Is fleet insurance expensive? 

Whether fleet insurance is expensive or not depends on a number of different factors. It’s often quite complex. Insurance companies have to take a lot of different things into account before they offer you a price.

Obviously, if you are going to insure a lot of vehicles under one policy the price is likely to be pretty high. A fleet with hundreds of vehicles is a big undertaking for an insurer and this is going to be reflected in the premiums you pay, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get great value.

Other factors that come into play regarding the fleet insurance cost are the type of vehicles, what they will be used for, and even the profile of the drivers who will be using them. All of this helps insurance companies to build a profile of risk. 

How much does fleet insurance cost in New York?

Insurance has changed in recent years. The industry has had to be flexible, and in New York, where cabs have dominated for yours, people are having to think more about uber insurance and flexible types of fleet insurance.

The average price of fleet insurance can vary massively around the country, and you are likely to pay $75 to $150 per vehicle for your fleet every month. This is quite expensive, and in New York, it is likely that you will pay on the upper end of this cost, but you can’t take any risks or be too careful with your fleet insurance.

How can I reduce my fleet insurance costs?

There are many things you can do to reduce the insurance costs for your fleet. Because of all of the risks insurers take on with your policy, you can reduce this risk and in the process make it cheaper to insure.

Some examples of things you can do are:

  • Regular fleet maintenance to make sure that the vehicles are in excellent condition.
  • Only employing drivers that meet a certain standard, such as ensuring that they don’t have any criminal convictions that could lead to insurers putting the prices up.
  • Monitor by using software technology. For instance, some insurers will be able to reduce the price if you agree to have GPS tracking or dash cams on the car so that you know that your drivers are tracked at all times. This helps them if there is an insurance claim in the future. 

Good driving standards, and being sure to compare prices when you renew your auto insurance, are good ways to ensure that you are not overpaying.

What to expect when paying for fleet insurance?

Expect that your vehicle choice and location will make a big difference and that a policy with more cars will usually work out at better value. You will need to provide your insurer with plenty of details to ensure that they can give you comprehensive cover. 

How do I get a fleet insurance quote with Uber Insurance?

Fill in a few simple details about the nature of your business, how many vehicles you want to insure, and what you will be using them for, and we will return a quote for insuring your whole fleet so you can enjoy peace of mind whenever you take to the road. Our best-in-class team is always happy to answer any questions you might have about your fleet insurance and other types of insurance products.


Though the average price of fleet insurance can vary massively depending on a number of different factors, there is a lot that you can do to try and drive down that price. Every dollar saved is another dollar on your business profits, so it is worth working with a reliable insurer and doing the right things to keep your fleet in good condition and avoid having to make a lot of different claims.

While nobody can tell you exactly what you will pay for fleet insurance before you input some details, with Uber Insurance it is really simple to get started. Just provide some information about yourself, your business, and your fleet, and you can receive a quote quickly. A comprehensive policy means that your drivers can enjoy peace of mind.